Workout Mistakes To Avoid

If you’ve been working out diligently and still don’t feel like you’re getting healthier or fitter, you’re probably doing something wrong. Here are a few workout mistakes to avoid that can boost your progress and get you into shape quicker. It might be that you’re working out too frequently and don’t give your muscles time to rest. If you’re doing a full routine daily, you’re probably not seeing the results you want, whether you’re trying to get into shape, feel better or lose weight. You should do something active everyday to get the most benefit, but not a full workout. Your muscles need time to repair.

One big workout mistake occurs when you do the same workout consistently, at the same intensity level.

No matter how much of a killer routine you choose, If you’ve stopped going forward or plateaued on weight loss, you’ve been doing it too long. Your body needs variety to build its best and shed pounds. Doing the same intensity level and workout allows the body to adjust to the workout and do it more efficiently. That efficiency means you’ll be burning fewer calories and ultimately, losing less weight.

You’re making a mistake if you workout every other day at the gym and then become a mushroom around the house on the other days.

If you go to work, come home and the hardest thing you do is hunt for the remote on your days away from the gym, you won’t get the results you want. While you don’t want to do a tough workout every day, you do need to stay active on the days away from the gym. It can be doing something that’s strenuous, but practical, like cleaning out the spare room or painting a room or it can be mellow and enjoyable, like taking the kid for a walk in the park or getting out for a bike ride. Stay active, but at a more mellow pace.

You congratulate yourself for your hard work and eat the quart of Ben and Jerry’s you’ve had stowed away, big mistake.

It’s tough not to feel hungrier after you workout, but that doesn’t mean you should act on that hunger with high calorie snacks or eating more than normal. In fact, that’s counterproductive if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand and remember that even though you’re burning extra calories, you’re not burning that many extra calories to offset the snacks you’ve consumed. It would take about 45 minutes of brisk walking just to burn off the calories of two Oreo cookies.

  • You over-train. You can get too much of a good thing, especially if you’re doing a grueling exercise daily or workout for hours every other day. Some signs of overtraining are exhaustion, depression, trouble sleeping and burnout.
  • You’re making a booboo when exercising if you focus on just one type of fitness, such as endurance. Running is a good exercise, but it’s lopsided. You need all four types of workouts; strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.
  • You’re making a mistake if you treat yourself to a sugary sports drink, high calorie sports bar or smoothie after you workout if you want to lose weight. Water is good to rehydrate and a healthy snack that’s low in calories is far better than some of the sports bars.
  • One huge workout mistake is not paying attention to technique. Doing each exercise correctly is super important. If you’re working out alone, watch a video and then workout in front of a mirror to check your form or have a friend check it. It’s always a good idea to use the services of a personal trainer, at least to ensure you have the right form.

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