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If you’ve decided that one of the boot camps in Oceanside, CA is just what you need, do research before choosing the one you’ll go to for help. Not all boot camps are alike. I’m sure you’d agree that not all doctors are alike, just as not all carpenters, teachers or even sales clerks aren’t alike. The same is true of fitness instructors and fitness instructors are the coaches who run the exercise portions of the boot camps. Before you sign up to surrender your body to exercise, ask to talk to the trainer or watch a session of the boot camp. It will give you an idea of much personal attention you get and what you learn.

Does the boot camp have a website that states their philosophy?

That might sound like a bit of a stretch, but it isn’t. It doesn’t have to directly say philosophy. It can be in the section about us or in the description. If it’s all about beating your body into submission, take a step back. In fact, run! While you’ll work hard, there’s more to it than just that. You have to work hard toward specific results and just the act of exercising may not be enough to solve your fitness problem.

Do they include nutrition as part of their program?

You can’t out exercise poor eating habits. If you workout an hour and then grab a few slices of pizza, some cake and a malt, well, you’ll probably just gain weight, rather than lose it. When you workout, it doesn’t give you a licensed to eat as much as you want or whatever you want. You have to eat healthier and eat fewer calories than you burn to shed weight. It’s all about math. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to shed one pound. If you burn an extra 500 calories a day, in seven days, if you eat the average amount of calories for your weight, you’ll shed a pound. However, if you eat fewer calories, you’ll lose more weight and more might put on weight.

Does the boot camp personal trainer listen to your goals and limitations?

Besides assessing your overall fitness, the personal trainer should ask you about your goals. Not everyone wants to lose weight, nor should they. Not everyone wants to compete in a marathon. Some people just want to feel good and tone muscle tissue. Some want to boost their recovery from a serious condition. Some people have serious conditions that exercise can help. Learning these things are important before creating a workout or dietary program.

If you have a physically limiting condition, does or will the trainer modify the workout? If you’re completely out of shape, does or will the trainer use a modified form of the exercise?

Talk to the trainer that will be running the boot camp. Do you get a feeling that he or she or is it more about the trainer or the exercise, rather than your hopes and goals?

Does the boot camp prepare you to take over your own fitness regimen when you leave? Some camps provide enough information you can workout on your own and learn how to eat healthier. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from signing up for another boot camp if you enjoyed it.

If you get an opportunity to watch the boot camp, does it look like fun? Seriously, there’s nothing better to keep you going back for more than having fun.

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