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If you feel like you’ll never lose weight or look your best, consider getting help from an Oceanside personal trainer. A personal trainer often works with people who have failed at fitness goals many times before and come out of desperation. It isn’t that they can’t lose weight, it’s that often they simply don’t know where to start, so they use the latest fad diets on the internet or workout incorrectly, leaving them with muscle damage and vowing never to move again.

Personal trainers do not use a one-size-fits-all approach.

You are special and unlike anyone else. While there’s a broad outline of what people need, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, everyone is different. Some people need to improve their overall fitness in all areas. Some people may be strong, but are injured because they lack flexibility. Some people have no endurance, but can roll up like a pretzel because they’re flexible. Jane may have great leg muscles but no upper body strength, while Mac is just the reverse. There are so many big and small differences, that the trainer has to learn more about you first, before he or she can do the best job.

Learning about you helps you reap bigger rewards.

Good trainers not only check your fitness level, but also find out if you’re eating healthy. No matter how hard you’re training, if you aren’t eating healthy, you won’t get fit. You also may never shed those extra pounds, either. To lose weight you have to eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn. When you eat healthier, eliminating many high calorie foods that are processed, you’ll lower your caloric intake. Exercise increases the amount of calories you burn. Together, they give fat a double whammy and help you shed pounds more quickly.

Personal trainers hold you accountable.

Not only do trainers weigh you and track your progress, you have an appointment to meet with them. Just knowing that will get you to the gym. Someone is waiting for you and someone will know that you aren’t showing up to workout. One study showed that the act of tracking food intake was enough to help people lose weight, even though they weren’t dieting. Now imagine if you’re trying to lose weight and need to track it so you can share it with a trainer. That’s pretty motivating.

Trainers can help you become more confident in your food choices and workouts so you can go it on your own after a while.

If you can’t afford the help of private sessions, many trainers offer lower cost boot camps. The cost of the trainer’s time is shared by everyone at the boot camp, so it’s far less per person.

Personal trainers really do care about the people their clients. Not only is rewarding for them to see you achieve your goals, they also know that if you fail, they fail.

Personal trainers vary the workouts so you’re never bored. It also helps prevent weight plateauing that can occur when the body becomes too efficient at doing one type of exercise.

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