Unconventional Sports To Keep Active

One problem faced by people who workout to stay healthy is that they don’t really enjoy working out. It becomes work for them. When clients tell me this, I always suggest they start trying out new active things to do and maybe some unconventional sports to add to their program of regular exercise. It won’t necessarily replace your time in the gym, where you are ensured that you’re working every body part and getting all forms of exercise, but it can be a great supplement to your fitness program.

Get together with friends or have fun with the kids while you hula hoop your way to fitness.

If you want a low cost do at home workout that’s actually a lot of fun, buy a hula hoop. There are weighted and unweighted ones, but both are good to boost your workout time and provide healthy exercise. You’ll build more core strength and get dynamite abs. Get a hula hoop for every member of the family and create competitions. It’s a way to create fun memories and get the kids off to a healthy start, too. There are hula hoop competitions and hula hoop dance competitions, too. Some people even hold neighborhood competitions for people of all ages.

Consider getting your pets involved.

Spending time with your pet and keeping them active is just as healthy for Rover or Kitty as it is for you. Taking the dog for a walk can become an adventure, especially if you’re in cold country. You can do cross country skiing with Rover and both of you will get a great workout. It’s fun and there are even competitions. Yoga with your pets is fun. Cats are less prone to taking instruction, but you can include them in bodyweight workouts. They can add extra resistance and weight to your workout and kitties love the extra attention.

One of my favorites is karaoke spinning.

If you love riding a bike and also love karaoke, this is the perfect sport for you. You know how hard it is to talk when you’re riding at top speed and your lungs feel like they’re going to burst, now imaging singing at the same time! The best part of this type of spinning session is that when you can sing easily, you know you need to pedal harder. It’s even fun if you’re riding your bike outside, but you may get a few strange looks when you belt out those show tunes.

  • One of the coolest sports that I’ve read about, but never experienced was Jukari Fit to Fly. This workout lets you fly in the sky using trapeze-like equipment for a complete body toning.
  • Speaking of flying, a real favorite of mine is hang gliding. I learned on the original gliders, the Regallo wing that weighed 60 pounds. We glided at a local sand dune, carrying the kite up the dune many times a day. Today, there are competitions and a wider variety of gliders, but it’s still a great sport.
  • Roller skating is still popular in some areas, even though it doesn’t have the fans it had in the fifties. You can skate outside or indoors and get amazing health benefits that range from a cardio workout to core stability.
  • Another fun exercise you can do at home that the whole family will love is to jump on a trampoline. You can even do your calisthenics while you’re jumping, doing lunges, squats and other exercises as you jump.

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