The Benefits Of Getting Back To Nature

I’m an avid fan of taking time for mental health. That’s one of the benefits of getting back to nature. Your body affects the mind and vice versa. Stress is a leading killer. In fact, it’s been said that almost every disease occurred because of stress of one type or another. Stress causes the body to send out hormones that prepare it for fighting or running. Those changes, if not eliminated as they would be if you ran or fought, set the stage for illness. Just walking in the park can help reduce and eliminate stress. Exercise, of any type also burns off the hormones of stress.

Get your share of free vitamin D.

When you walk outside on a sunny day, unless you’re completely slathered in the highest spf sunscreen, you’re exposing yourself to the vitamin D your body makes from exposure to the sun. Studies show that approximately half the adult population of US is at risk of having a vitamin D deficiency. The older you are the more probable it will be. Vitamin D deficiency can cause aching bones, head sweating, stomach problems and depression. Some scientists hypothesize that adequate vitamin D could aid in preventing heart disease, infection, autoimmune disease and even some forms of cancer.

Earthing is another option that has shown improvements mentally and physically.

Earthing is as simple as taking off your shoes and walking on the grass. It puts you in direct contact with the electrons in the ground to balance off the ROS molecules created by the Ultra violet rays from the sun. There is mounting evidence that shows that connecting to the negative potential of the earth creates and change internally that can promote health in many ways from improving mood and sleep to boosting the immune system. The block of knowledge is growing showing it helps and the simplicity makes it silly not to try it.

Getting back to nature can help you maintain an active lifestyle.

You workout to have the energy to get more enjoyment out of life. Make sure you get that. An active lifestyle includes other things besides a gym. It includes hiking, walking, riding a bike, swimming and even dancing the night away. You’ll get more out of an active style if it offers more than just a workout. Walking and hiking allows you to get in touch with nature. Gardening brings you the miracle of life, and it also can bring the miracle of fresh fruits and vegetables…nothing’s better than food you grew yourself. You’ll get the relaxation and exercise at the same time when you do it in a natural setting where For those just starting a workout program, walking is one of the best forms of exercise for informal training. Walking with the kids through a nature preserve can be a powerful bonding and teaching moment.

  • If you don’t have a park close by, consider walking through a farmer’s market. Not only will you find some great buys on vegetables and flowers, it’s a step closer to nature.
  • You can relax in nature and it’s far better than sitting in front of the TV or computer screen. Your eyes will thank you.
  • Connect with others. Touch is powerful, so is socialization. Getting back to nature doesn’t have to mean solitude, it means getting away from technology and enjoying simple things in life. Pet a cat or dog, hug a friend and most of all—smile!

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