The Benefits Of A Workout Partner

If you’ve ever wondered what the benefits of a workout partner are, you probably aren’t working with a personal trainer. A trainer is the ultimate workout partner. Whether you workout with a personal trainer or a workout partner, you’re accountable for showing up at the gym. On those overcast winter days when going home sounds like the best idea, you’ll still go for your workout because you have an appointment to meet with someone.

Whether you run as your workout or press weights, working with a partner keeps you safer.

Are you a jogger? It doesn’t matter whether you jog early in the morning or after work, during the winter it’s dark both times and that can be dangerous for a jogger. Even if it’s not dark, having a friend with you can keep you safe. Whether you worry about injury on the path, an accident or even a mugger, two are always safer than one. If one is injured the other one can get help. In the gym, especially when working with weights where a spotter keeps you safer, a workout buddy can point out problems with your form to help avoid injury.

There’s no doubt about it, we’re all performers.

Everyone at one time or another added a little extra pep or enthusiasm into a job when they thought someone was watching. It’s human nature. Having a workout partner can do the same for you in the gym. Whether you actively compete with your workout partner, try harder because you don’t want to look like a duffer or simply put on a show, performing better than you would on your own, the partner drives you. Several studies have been conducted on the effects of a workout partner. Ne showed that the workout was longer when people worked as a team. The funny part is that the partner didn’t even have to be human. It could be a virtual partner.

You’ll try more new exercises.

There’s power in numbers, especially when it comes to trying new things. While you might be intimidated in trying a new workout if you were on your own, trying it with a friend makes it easier. If you’re reluctant to sign up for a different type of workout class, or any group workout for that matter, doing it with a friend takes away some of the intimidation.

  • An exercise buddy can bring new workout ideas to your exercise time and provide a more varied workout. They even can provide healthy food ideas if you’re working on eating healthy.
  • You’ll be pushed further and faster if you have a workout partner. While you should never try to push yourself beyond the point of having good form, people often make it too easy on themselves when they workout alone. A partner won’t let you do that.
  • A workout partner can provide support when things aren’t progressing as well as they should. They also can call you on those times you’ve skipped workouts.
  • A workout partner can be fun. Enjoying your workout isn’t always natural. It can be tough and make you sweat! When you have company doing it, it makes it far more fun.

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