Is Clean Eating Too Hard?

If you’ve tried clean eating and found it way too hard to maintain, the problem probably isn’t with clean eating, even though there are situations where it’s tougher than when you’re eating at home. Eating clean doesn’t have to be expensive or tough to do. There are ways to actually make it easy and inexpensive.If you’re in a rush and simply don’t have time to cook at home for a week or two, it’s not a problem. There are inexpensive, quick healthy meals you can find already made at the grocery, in the frozen food department or from your favorite healthy restaurant.

Make healthy eating easier at home.

To make it easier to eat healthy at home, it takes some planning. Create a meal plan for the week and then do your shopping and some of the preparation on the weekend. By doing this, you can save money, too. A great menu will use the ingredients you purchased for one meal in another one. You can also purchase dried foods in bulk, so you always have them on hand. When you make soup or other “freezable” meals, make extra. It can serve as a meal on those nights you’re frazzled and too tired to think.

Keep a list of favorite meals.

Whether you’re just cooking for yourself or cooking for the whole family, there will be dishes and complete meals that are simply zeros and ones that everyone loves. Keep a file, whether on the computer or in one of those recipe boxes your mother used to use, to have that meal at the tip of your fingers when you need a healthy option. For most people, not only is taste a top priority, but so is quick, cheap and healthy.

Have healthy snacks available.

Everyone, whether adult or children, likes to nosh occasionally. Whether you’re trying to stick to healthy eating or not, having healthy snacks available is important. The bowl could be in the refrigerator, but finding foods that can sit on the counter are eaten more frequently. Nuts, trail mix, a plate of fresh fruit that’s chopped and maybe even topped with some peanut butter, are good options and can be there when you’re considering where you hid that last Hershey’s bar.

  • There are times when eating healthy is almost impossible. If you’re at a company dinner, business luncheon, night out with the gang or on vacation, it’s just too tempting to order a burger or other less than healthy option. If you fail to stick with healthy eating, don’t worry. Start again the next day.
  • When you do your shopping for the week, after you unpack your groceries, immediately chop all the vegetables at once and put them in plastic bags. It cut time for the rest of the week.
  • Save money on fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t let them go bad. You know the look right before they’re ready to go. At that point, freeze them for smoothies. You’ll save money and have quick to use ingredients.
  • Don’t sweat it if you don’t have all the spices and herbs. Wing it to save money. I have a client that grows herbs and swears she’s not a cook. However, she throws those herbs into many meals, experimenting as she does. Swapping herbs, using less or simply omitting expensive ones often doesn’t change the taste that much.

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