How’s Your Sex Drive?

Having a healthy sex drive is not only a sign of good health, but also an aid to improving your health. Sex stimulates the brain to produce oxytocin. It’s called the cuddle hormone or the love hormone for obvious reasons. This hormone promotes bonding with sexual partners and also improves sleep. If your partner dozes off right after sex, it probably means they’ve experienced an orgasm, since the hormone is released during it. It not only boosts intimacy, it provides relief from pain. Oxytocin also provides other health benefits that occur during an orgasm.

If you workout, your sex drive improves.

Ironically, the fitter you are, the more improved your sex drive is. Exercising on a regular basis can reduce the daily stress that can be a real mood killer. It also helps reduce depression, another mood killer. It also improves performance by boosting endurance, strength and flexibility. It stimulates circulation, too. Studies show that both women and men who workout regularly tend to have an increase in physiological sexual arousal. Exercise also makes you feel sexier and more attractive.

All those hearts denoting romantic love aren’t just about romance.

Sex is heart healthy. It helps lower blood pressure. There’s a lot of exercise that leads to an orgasm and all that activity can lower the systolic blood pressure number. Sex raises your heart rate, just like exercising does, and helps maintain the balance of estrogen and testosterone. That’s important since an imbalance can lead to health problems ranging from heart disease to osteoporosis. One study consisted of men who had sexual relations twice a week and another group that rarely had it. Those who were more active in the bedroom had half the incidence of heart disease.

Get rid of the stresses of the day with exercise, which includes sex.

Just like a workout at the gym, sex also provides a workout that burns of hormones of stress. Stress is a killer that contributes or causes so many conditions and diseases. While you might go to the gym and burn off those hormones, there’s no harm in doing it twice. In fact, sex can be the quite complementary with the additional hormones it provides, such as oxytocin.

  • When you workout, you stimulate your brain to produce endorphins. These not only help your body become healthier, they also stimulate the release of sex hormones that make you more primed for the bedroom.
  • Sex can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men and strengthen the pelvic floor in women to maintain bladder control.
  • Is it cold season? Time to fight the flu and colds with sex. It helps boost the immune system.
  • Women who exercise tend to be more sensitive to touch and stimuli, while men showed improved sexual performance and orgasms.

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