Fitness Tips For Beginners

Have you scrolled through all the programs on TV, procrastinating that first trip to the gym? You’re not alone. People who have never trained or haven’t trained in years are often intimidate when it comes to their first trip to start. The first of the fitness tips for beginners is to “just do it!” Don’t overthink that first visit. It won’t be anything like you thought it would be, no matter what you’re thinking. You’ll either be able to do far more than you thought or far less. If you don’t have a personal trainer, it might be time to consider one, so you know you’re pushing toward your maximum potential.

Schedule your workout and make it a habit.

You really won’t benefit much if you only exercise sporadically. In fact, you’ll probably quit going to the gym within a few months. You need to schedule your workout and treat it like a doctor’s appointment. Both are important to your health. Consistently working out at a specific time creates a habit and habits are harder to break. You’ll feel like something’s missing when you skip a workout.

Posture and form count when you’re working out.

Whether you’re lifting or doing any other type of exercise, having the right form is important. One key to having proper form is your posture. Poor posture not only can negate the benefits of your efforts, but it also can cause injury. Whether you’re doing bench presses or pushups, the key is in the details and your form. Proper form and good posture help build weak core muscles and that helps protect your spine, plus burns extra calories.

Know why you’re working out and eating healthy.

That might sound simple, but the truth is, most people have no idea why they’re doing it. They may have heard you need to workout or a friend told them to do it, but that doesn’t constitute a real reason that will keep them going to the gym when they’d rather go home or stay at home. Have a personal reason. Create goals that reflect not only why you’re working out, such as I want to lose ten pounds, but how it will improve your life and when you’re going to do it. Make the goal realistic, with a time frame and a means of achieving it.

  • Remember, it’s better to be consistent. If you’re torn between consistency and intensity—working out harder at the risk of burning out, stick with consistency.
  • Enjoy your workout. It’s hard enough to get yourself to go to the gym, let alone face a boring, horrible workout. Not all workouts will be fun, but they should be satisfying and not boring.
  • Start slowly and build on your progress. If you rip up the gym the first night, but can’t walk for two weeks, what did you really accomplish? Start slowly. Setting the right pace is one of the advantages of having a trainer.
  • Make sure you have a warm up and a cool down time. Warm-ups can help prevent injury. Stretching after a workout can help relax your muscles.

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