Find Endless Energy

Working out regularly can provide endless energy. It’s true! It might not seem like it if you’ve never worked out regularly, simply because it looks like a lot of work. However, once you start working out, within a few weeks, you’ll notice that you’re getting tasks completed more quickly and have energy at the end of the work day. Sometimes, when you’re feeling exhausted, forcing yourself to go to your workout can give you that second wind, boost of energy to keep you going at top speed. How can this be? It seems like the more you work, the more exhausted you should be. While that may be true initially, once your body gets stronger, you’ll see a huge difference in your energy level.

You can get benefits from exercising even if you don’t workout regularly.

Of course, I’m a proponent of regular exercise and I do practice what I preach. So, why would I say you don’t have to workout regularly to get energy boosting benefits from an exercise session? Because it’s true. You’ll get more energy throughout the day if you exercise regularly, but for those who don’t and get that sleepy feeling mid afternoon, taking a walk or participating in something active can get your blood circulating and provide benefits better than a nap. People who exercise regularly often instinctively know this and get up and move around.

Regular exercise helps people boost their energy across the board.

Studies show that regular exercise can help increase energy levels and reduce fatigue levels. After compiling the results of over 70 studies that involved 6,800 people the results were clear. In over 90% of the studies, the results were the same, people who didn’t exercise regularly and started a program of regular exercise reduced their fatigue level, compared to the control group that made no changes. The results were similar for all types of people, those who were healthy, those with conditions like heart disease and diabetes and even cancer patients.

Exercise helps burn off the hormones from stress.

If you’ve ever had a stressful day, you know how it leaves you feeling exhausted, yet on edge at the same time. It’s the fight or flight response that’s occurring. Your body is poised, ready for action with other changes, like less blood to the digestive system and a faster heartbeat occurring to help you in a struggle or escape. That can leave you feeling edgy, but is also extremely wearing. Exercise not only increases circulation, it burns off the hormones of stress that wears you out and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

  • Exercise helps you sleep better at night and improves the quality of sleep. The increased sleep and improved quality adds to your energy level.
  • While exercise is important, so is healthy eating. Sugar can be a real downer, once the initial burst of energy wears off. If you feel like eating will help, make it cold crisp fruit or vegetables.
  • Drinking a glass of water also boosts energy more than a cup of coffee in most cases. When you’re sleepy, if moving around doesn’t help, perhaps it’s mild dehydration. Drink some water for a boost.
  • If you aren’t convinced that moving more boosts your energy, consider how tired you feel after a super slow day at work, compared to one when you were busy throughout the day.

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