Does Your Posture Matter

If you’ve ever noticed your posture when everything is going wrong or you’re feeling miserable, you’ll probably notice it’s not it’s best and you have that “hang dog” appearance. Good posture makes a huge difference in how people perceive you. If you walk straight and tall, you’ll look confident. Even if you’re not confident, that look can help you in every walk of life. There’s also a saying, “Fake it until you can make it.” Looking confident allows you to build that confidence.

Check out how clothing fits you when you’re standing straight and tall, compared to slumping.

If you didn’t believe that poor posture made you look heavier, put on an outfit that makes you look great and stand in front of the mirror. Now slouch into poor posture position. You’ll see a noticeable difference in how you look and how that clothing fits. Good posture stretches the body and gives clean lines. It causes your stomach to look flatter and your chest look firmer and more prominent.

Good posture has other benefits besides just those for appearance.

When you body is properly aligned for good posture, it helps reduce the potential for abnormal wear and tear on the joints and spine. It allows joints and bones to be in the correct position for the muscles to work properly. Good posture means good alignment and that translates to reduced effort for everyday tasks. That prevents fatigue. Most of all, it helps reduce back and muscle pain.

In order to achieve good posture, you need to pull your shoulders back.

When you’re standing tall, your chin is parallel to the floor with shoulders back. You can get your shoulders into position by first rolling them up, then back and finally down. Your head should be level. One way to check is to make sure earlobes are directly in line with the shoulders. Don’t overarch the back and keep your arms to the side with your elbows even and straight. Your tummy should be tucked in with knees and hips even. Finally, your body weight should be on the balls of the foot with the weight evenly distributed to your feet.

  • Poor posture can occur from bad habits, stress, obesity, tight muscles or pregnancy. Muscle weakness is also a cause. That’s why people often walk taller as they get stronger with exercise.
  • If you have acid reflux or digestive problems, try improving your posture and see if it helps. Constipation can even be helped by improving posture.
  • Poor posture can cause headaches. It even can cause a condition that makes you feel like your hands and arms are asleep. They tingle. Doing stretches can help improve posture to avoid this.
  • Poor posture can promote arthritis. Since bad posture promotes damage to the joints, that can lead to developing arthritis or at least a contributing factor.

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