Discover The Hidden You

You’ll be amazed at all the benefits a program of regular exercise can bring. It can even help discover the hidden you. Of course, part of that hidden you is a dazzling body, improved strength and great flexibility, but there’s even more from great bonuses from exercising on a regular basis. The first is the surge in confidence you get, both from feeling stronger and looking fit. Exercising helps improve your posture, so you’ll actually walk with more authority and look more confident in the process.

The hidden you will receive a brain boost from exercising.

That’s right! People who workout improve their memory and ability to learn. In fact, several studies show that exercise can help reduce the risk and even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It boosts the blood flow to the brain and helps maintain healthy brain cells. It also causes the body to trigger create more brain-derived neurotrophic factor—BDNF, which stimulates the creation of neurons and protects or repairs the cells of the brain.

Exercise helps burn off the stress hormones created throughout the day.

Have you had a bad day at the office or were the kids or traffic driving you crazy? Don’t scream at the driver in front of you, go to the gym and start feeling great again. When you’re under stress, your body creates hormones that prepare you for fighting or running away. They create changes in the body that left unchecked, can create potential harm. Working out tricks your body into thinking it fought or ran, so the hormones burn off and you go back to a calmer you, that feels great.

Rev up your immune system with exercise.

Sure mom always told you that chicken soup and rest is good for what ails you and she’d be right. Chicken soup does have curative powers and rest is always good for colds and flu, but she’d also be wrong if you had a chronic condition. HIIT workouts, based on a person’s fitness level can help a number of chronic conditions. It can aid in controlling conditions that range from heart failure to type 2 diabetes. One study showed that after a stroke, recovery was quicker when exercise was part of their program. It even helped people with COPD.

  • That hidden you may be a lot happier than you think. When you exercise, the body releases hormones that make you feel happier and at peace.
  • Of course, the hidden you is not only confident, the hidden you has the perfect body that has lean muscle mass and greater endurance.
  • The hidden you has more agility and greater balance, so you’re far more graceful than you ever were before you started exercising. It also builds hand eye coordination.
  • Exercise helps your body improve its fat burning ability. It boosts your metabolism as it breaks down fat cells for fuel. Losing weight is far easier after just one year of regular exercise.

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