We’re one of the only fitness programs around who offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your training or your results, simply ask for your money back, and we part as friends!

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If you’re still not sure, or have any questions, please call me, Forrest at 650-771-5149.



Q. Do you yell like army instructors?

A. No, we use a fun, motivational style of coaching in all our bootcamp and training programs.

 Q. Do you offer “drop-in” rates?

A. No. You’re looking for results and a fitness lifestyle, right? Well, we found that the second best motivator to achieving results and a lifestyle of fitness, besides adding variety to our classes, is the fact that you’re paying for them.

Q. Do you promise I will get results?

A. Yes! We guarantee you will see results you will be happy with, unless you’re totally unrealistic and expect to drop 20 lbs in 3 weeks. If you’re not happy with your results, just ask for your money back, and we part as friends! It’s really that simple!

Q. What if I’m out of shape?

A. Our program caters to all fitness levels. We are able to do this because we run timed circuits so you can work at your own pace.

Q. Do you modify exercises?

A. We give modifications to people who need less or more intensity, or for joint issues.

Q. Do you have showers?

Sorry, no showers, but bring a change of clothes and freshen up with a “bird bath” in our bathroom before you leave…no excuses!  ;  )

Way Of Life Boot Camp is the ultimate fat loss formula!

  • Indoor bootcamp (we go outside when it’s nice, of course!)
  • Belong to a tribe of like-minded people who want YOU to succeed!
  • Proven results, satisfaction guaranteed

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More FAQ

Q. Where is your boot camp and when are the class times?

A.  Boot camp locations and times are:
Vista – 1205 Activity Drive (located inside Powerhouse Cheer and Fitness)  Times in Vista are 6 am, 7 am, and 9:15 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Oceanside – 1935 Avenida Del Oro, Oceanside, CA (located inside Oceanside Gymnastics)  Times in Oceanside are 6 am, 7 am and 7:30 pm Monday – Thursday.

Q. What if I want to train longer than 1 week?

A. Our 1-week free trial program is a great way to see if we’re a good fit for you and if you’re a good fit for us!  If you’re a giver (not a taker) and you have a good and friendly attitude you will fit in well with our group.  You will be invited to join us if everything goes well!  We offer monthly memberships to fit every budget!

Q.  Why are you so “picky” with who joins your group?

A.  It’s not that we’re snobby or overly selective AT ALL.  In fact, you’ll find that we are the most FRIENDLY and FAMILY-MINDED boot camp you’ll find anywhere…BUT we do work hard to create the right environment that will create lasting success for everybody in the group.  We’ve had to turn people away in the past, but that’s usually because they have a bad attitude or don’t believe in the “team” aspect of training and that’s one of the things that make our boot camps so effective and fun!



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